Episode #024: Image Expo, Diamond 2013 Market Share Report, Violence in the DC New 52, The Future of Star Wars Comics. Pick of the week: Afterlife with Archie #3.


The pick of the week is Afterlife With Archie #3 from Archie Comics.

Image Expo gave us lots of new comic book announcements, mainly from previously Marvel creators, with a few really interesting titles coming in 2014.

Diamond released its 2013 sales numbers and market share report and there were a few real surprises there.

Matt tried to catch up on the DC New 52 line and the discussion turns to how dark that comic line is and how the constant mass destruction and ultra-violence within their pages wears on the readers. 

The 2013 final box office numbers came out so how did the heavy slate of hero movies do worldwide?

New comic reviews include Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year 2 #1, Afterlife with Archie #3 (pick of the week), Sex Criminals #4, and Skyman #1.

Matt read the recent Neil Adams comic Batman: Odyssey and tries to explain to Patrick what the hell was going on in the series.

Dark Horse announced that they were losing the rights to produce new Star Wars comics after this year and Patrick has a great idea to wrap up their run. We talk about the history of Star Wars comics and what we would like to see in 2015 leading up  to the new movies. 

Playstation Now was announced at CES and the discussion turns to streaming media and how the new service, along with the WWE Network, may change the way we get entertainment.

2014 looks to be a great year for movies and we pick out some of our must see flicks of the coming year.

Patrick wraps up the episode with a talk about the TV shows he is watching with a focus on American Horror Story and Sleepy Hollow among many others.